“Platform for things you love”: blockchain startup Gapless welcomes 15,000 cars in its digital garage

Press release: Platform for things you love blockchain startup Gapless
Press release: Platform for things you love blockchain startup Gapless
  • The Berlin-based startup has already expanded in its first year to the U.S., U.K., Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland
  • The importance of decentralized platforms and the demand for
    collectables is growing
  • The company plans strategic expansion in the sectors of collectables and
    premium goods worldwide

Berlin, September 25 2019. Gapless is changing the way we think about collectables – by connecting the past to the digital world. For the past year, the Berlin-based startup has been developing the world’s first blockchain platform for cars. Just in time for its first birthday, Gapless is celebrating an important milestone:more than 15,000 automobiles from around the world are registered on the platform.

Gapless is a convenient, all-in-one app where users can register their vintage cars, create a profile and add additional information, and save it all securely in a digital format – all with a single click.

A one-of-a-kind app for one-of-a-kind collectables 

“We’re currently active in the German, American, British, Dutch, Austrian, and Swiss markets. We especially see a lot of potential for growth for Gapless in the U.S.,” said Jan Karnath, CEO and founder of the young startup. “The overwhelmingly positive response so far confirms our initial hypothesis: that one-of-a-kind collectables need a one-of-a-kind platform.” 

Gapless users can create a detailed profile for each of their classic cars, adding images, specifications, and even documents as they desire. These profiles can be saved for personal use or shared with others. There’s also a timeline function where users can save reminders for car-related appointments. Past appointments are automatically added to the car’s history. 

In addition, Gapless offers verified services from third parties, making it an all-in-one ecosystem for classic cars. This digital concierge service is the only one of its kind worldwide: it’s based on blockchain technology that creates secure and transparent documentation for digital transactions on a databank spread out over multiple computers. 

Porsche for strategic partnerships, Blockchain for airtight documentation 

“In the Porsche Digital Lab, we’re working on solutions every day to figure out which forms of future technology – for example, artificial intelligence and blockchain – can be used in the automobile industry,” said Anja Hendel, Director of Porsche Digital Lab. “Gapless has the right stuff to prove the concept and become one of the first blockchain cases in Europe.” 

The early numbers coming from the company suggest that customers see Gapless in an equally positive light. “Gapless grew over 400 percent in the last three months,” said Karnath, who founded the all-in-one classic car app together with Andreas Joebges (CTO) and Malte Häusler (CFO) in 2018. Today, the team consists of more than 25 employees, many of whom have international blockchain and platform expertise. The largest digital garage holds more than 80 automobiles, and most of the users come from Great Britain, Germany and the U.S. Nearly every brand of car is represented on the platform, and a particularly large number are premium models and classic cars with a high value as collectables and long traditions behind them. 

The importance of ownership and decentralized platforms ensures continued demand 

“At Gapless, we believe in the growing need for ownership and individuality – both today and in the future,” said Karnath with a timely look towards the future on the company’s first birthday. “At the same time, decentralized platforms are increasing in importance and will support the development of digital marketplaces focused on the needs of owners and retailers.” 

Classic cars are just the beginning of the journey for Gapless. In the next expansion stage, the Berlin company wants to enter the premium goods and collectables marketplace. “Watches, vehicles, boats – our vision of Gapless is to create a platform for things you love, where people gather to immortalize their favorite pieces,” Karnath and his co-founders Joebges and Häusler summarize.

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